About Fair Calgary Community Voices

About Fair Calgary Community Voices

'Fair Calgary Community Voices' is a group of individuals and organizations working together to ensure city subsidies for Calgarians living on low income are affordable and accessible.  We work as an advisory group for Fair Calgary.   

The City of Calgary offers subsidies for some of their programs for people living on low-income. 

One of these ways it making it easier for people to apply. It is called the Red Tap Project. To learn about the Red Tape Project, watch this video about the difference single entry will make in our City. 

Another way is using the Fair Calgary policy to help guide our City on how to make its subsidies easy to get, easier to apply and affordable. 

Making our City 'Fairer'

Fair Calgary is a policy suggests that

●   There should be more locations to apply for subsidies.
●   Once a person is approved for one subsidy program they are automatically eligible for the other City of Calgary subsidy programs (single entry).
●   There should be more ways to prove your income.
●   There should be more ways to show where you live.
●   All programs should use the same income cut-off.  Example 2010 LICO for single person.  

Which programs are with Fair Entry?

      Monthly transit pass, age 6 to 6 and Seniors Monthly low-income transit pass
      Recreational fees (Fee Assistance)
      Spay and neutering you cat or dog
      Property tax assistance for homeowners
      Seniors Home Maintenance Program (City links for Seniors)


Colleen 403.717.7630, Fax: 403.291.4087 
Bonnie at 403.720.0204 

Mailing Address: 
219, 18 Street SE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 6J5

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  1. I hope some of these policies are enforced in Calgary's communities. Some of them would really make a difference. Thank you for sharing!